General Questions

Nanban Sports Foundation derives it’s name from 'Nanban Enterprise’, a company based in USA whose foundation arm is the primary donor to NSF.

‘Nanban’ in is a word in tamil language that means ‘True Friend’ and true to its name, NSF strives to be a true supportive friend for every aspiring Indian sportsperson.

NSF is the brainchild of Kutraleeshwaran Veerabhadran (shortly Kutral), an ex-Sports champion and also the Founder and Chairman of NSF, along with other like minds who shared his intent to support Indian sporting talents.

A guinness record swimmer and the youngest recipient of Arjuna Award from the Government of India till date, Kutral had to quit swimming at the age of 17 for lack of credible financial backing in the Indian sports arena. While he proceeded to take up a career in Engineering, he took it his mission to do his part to mitigate the challenges faced by Indian sportsperson in future, as a result of which NSF was born, around 2 decades after he quit swimming.

NSF is headquartered in the state of Tamilnadu, India. However, NSF aims to support sporting talent across India.

Yes. The incorporation Certificate of the Company and Licence to Operate as Not for Profit Company is also with the Company.

Mission statement of NSF is “Establish sports as truly rewarding opportunity, for athletes, corporates, foundations, government, public and India.”

Vision of NSF is to “Improve lives through sports, creating world-class champion in the process.”

Beneficiaries of NSF fall into two broad categories:

Upcoming Talents: Young sport talents who are in need of financial support

Yesteryear Legends: Indian Sport champions of yesteryears who are currently in financial distress

Details of a few of our major beneficiaries can be found here.

Join Hands to Help

At the outset, we sincerely thank you for your noble intent to support us. Below are the ways in which you would be able to support us:

Volunteering: We perform various activities at ground level, and many a times, we are in need of support to run these activities. It would be great if you could volunteer to support us in any of such programmes. Kindly reach us here and we would get in touch with you.

Spreading the word: This is perhaps the easiest, yet effective way to support our initiative. Kindly share the details of this foundation with your near and dear, friends, family, colleagues or other social circles, who may be interested to join hands to support, just like you.

One way of doing this may be by joining our page on facebook or twitter whereby you could get to know about our activities and also could support us by sharing the information with your social circles.

We sincerely thank you for your noble intention. We would love to partner with corporates in our initiatives. Please reach us here with your details, and we would revert to you.

We sincerely thank you for your noble intention. Please reach us here with your details, and we would revert to you.

No. Currently, NSF supports sporting talents with their financial needs and does not cater to any educational/medical needs.

Financial Contribution

Cash donation is permitted in Indian Currency upto Rs.2000 under the Act but the department does not permit other than banking mode to receive donations by the Company. Hence it is always safer to receive the money through banks only. Anonymous donors should be avoided and it shall be construed as a violation of the rules and regulations of Income tax act and other Acts also. The following details are necessary while receiving funds.

a. Name of the Donor.
b. PAN Copy
c. Aadhar Card Number
d. E mail id and mobile number.
e. Addresses of the donor.

We have applied on 10-09-2021 for 12A and 80G registration of the Trust. But we are yet to receive the approval. It is better to wait till we get the approval of the same for the 50% tax benefit of the Donor.

Meanwhile, please join our page on facebook or twitter, where we regularly share updates about our activities, beneficiaries and new initiatives. Please stay informed and share it with like minds to support our noble cause.

Applying for Assistance

While having financial constraints is a common pre-requisite for anyone applying for assistance from NSF, the below eligibility criteria applies to the two categories of applicants:

Upcoming Talents:

  • Champions at district or higher level of competition, and ambitious to grow
  • Minimum age limit of 21 years as on the date of receipt of application

Yesteryear Legends:

  • Should have represented India at any national or international level event
  • Minimum age limit of 40 as on the date of receipt of application

While the above mentioned details define eligibility criteria, please note that assistance is based on various factors including availability of funds, the number of applications etc. Being eligible subject to above criteria does not guarantee financial assistance from NSF.

No. Currently, NSF does not train anyone on any sport. We merely provide the required financial assistance for sports persons to pursue their trainings based on their preferences.

Yes. NSF supports sporting talents from across India

We appreciate your talent and would do our best to support you. Please reach us here with your details, and we would revert to you.

Our heartfelt respect to your talent and contributions to sports in India. Please reach us here with your details, and we would revert to you.

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