Organising Team

Kutral Veerabadran

Chairman and Founder

Kutral is the founder of Nanban Sports Foundation, and is a professional athlete. He was decorated with the Arjuna Award the highest sports accolade given by the Hon’ President of India) at the age of 17. He swam across the English Channel at age 12 and created a Guinness World record in 1994 (still unbroken). He also has won the Junior World Championship title in marathon swimming in 1995.

As a founder of Nanban Sports Foundation, Kutral, has been pulling all positive options to organize a world class run.

Srinivasan Jagadeesan

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Srinivas is part of the Core Organizing team after the 1st Launch of Nanban Sports Foundation (NSF) 2021 at Nehru Stadium. As well as organizing many sports events for the people who need support, He is very much passionate about helping people who seek support and guidance in the sports field, Sport is an activity where people need an ability, skill and physical and mental effort. It is usually carried on according to the rules,

He believes sports plays an important role in educating students as it teaches them to become strong from inside and also develop a fit and sound body. Combining sports in education can help students to develop a self-motivating spirit to do things on their own and ownership of these. "Sports" are as important as "education" in our lives,

Ramesh Nivash

Event Director

Nivash is an organizing member of Nanban Sports Foundation since its inception. He is known for organizing many events on fitness and social cause.

His penchant for fitness started since his NCC days. Currently has ran over 28 Half Marathons in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Pondicherry. He is also participated in many long distance cycling events on 300km and 150km categories. Being a team player, deft in handling project management and adept in execution, his contribution to the 1st edition

of Nanban Sports Foundation Run 2022 (NSF Run 2022) undoubtedly ensures a memorable edition.

Besides being a committed practitioner of health and fitness routines Nivash works as a Vice president in a leading Bank.

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